Dealer Information

What the dealer gets from Rim Guard®

Rim Guard® tire ballast is shipped to dealers as a bulk, ready-to-use liquid. No mixing is required. For storage, we provide our dealers with a bulk vertical polyethylene storage tank – 1550 to 2500 gallons capacity (whichever best meets your storage-capacity needs). Each tank is equipped with a 2″ cam-lock, quick-disconnect valve. The tank is filled through this valve, and we recommend that the Rim Guard® be pumped from this same valve. Due to the physical size of the tank, most are positioned outdoors and are plumbed into the shop via a 2″ hose to the ballast pump. In especially cold winter climates, we suggest transferring liquid from the main tank to a portable tank and moving that tank inside the service bay. This warms the Rim Guard® to shop temperature and makes it easier to pump. It is important that the bulk storage tank be located so the liquid hauler (semi-truck tanker) can get within 10’ to 20’ of the valve for filling. Tank dimensions are roughly as follows: 1550 gallon tank: 64″ diameter x 124″ high 2500 gallon tank: 90″ diameter x 107″ high Each tank is equipped with a 16″ top opening with a vent. The tank should be positioned on a relatively smooth base – no boards with protruding nails, sharp stones or raised boards. The base should be relatively flat or sloped toward the valve.

If a dealer has pumping equipment

If a dealer currently has pumping equipment for liquid tire ballast, the same equipment and procedures can be used for Rim Guard®. The only precaution to be followed is to rinse the pump and hoses with water before switching from calcium chloride to Rim Guard® or vice-versa. Rim Guard can react with calcium chloride and get gummy inside the pump. Other than calcium chloride, there are no adverse effects with other liquid ballasts with Rim Guard.

If a dealer needs pumping equipment

If a dealer needs pumping equipment, it is available directly from Rim Guard® at our cost plus shipping, or from tire-equipment wholesalers. Contact us to discuss your particular pumping requirements. Because Rim Guard® is non-corrosive, pumps, hoses, fittings, etc. will last much longer than those that have been exposed to calcium chloride or methanol.


If you need a little assistance getting started filling tires or assembling your Wonder Pump Model 30 A Plus ballast pump, check out these instructional videos or contact us toll-free at 866-792-3700 and we can walk you through the process

Tire Filling Video Thumbnail You Tube

  Rim Guard tire filling demonstration video (click here).

Pump assembly video

 Wonder Pump assembly and use tips video (click here).

Delivery and Billing Usual lead times are 7-10 business days for delivery of the bulk storage tank. Rim Guard® normally can be delivered within 1-2 weeks from the time the tank is made ready. The typical lead time for refill orders is 1-2 weeks. For credit-approved dealers, each delivery is invoiced from the Bill of Lading from the trucking company with payment terms of 15 days from the invoice date.

Handling Tips

Detailed handling tips can be found on this page.

Sales Literature, Banners, Rim Decals

Our dealers are provided tri-fold brochures (far right) for consumer distribution. They can be used as handouts or mailers. Dealer identification space is designed into the brochure. We also provide rim identification decals (right) which can be applied to  the rims near the valve stem to signify the tire is filled with Rim Guard® should it need servicing in the future. We also have 2’ x 6’ Rim Guard® vinyl banners (below) available for service shop, showroom or show display. They are heavyweight vinyl with reinforced borders and grommets and can be displayed inside or outside. Banners are free for the asking! Samples of Rim Guard® in 4 oz. containers can be ordered as sales support materials. For banners, literature, rim decals or samples, call us toll-free at 866-792-3700.

We’re at your service

If you would like to become a Rim Guard dealer, call us or email us and let us know your location. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Phone numbers: Toll free: (866) 792-3700 Phone numbers: Local: (616) 608-7745 To email us, click here.